• Angel Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer

    Model:  White 6021C
    MOQ:  1 unit
    Trade Terms:  EXW
    Payment:  T/T WESTERN UNION
    The Professional Skin Analyzer

    10%Off $1150 $1035
    Product Parameter:
    --10 Mega pixels with 4-time magnifier
    --UV Voice system;
    --3: 4 Preview system;
    --Front slant window;
    --Support multi-languages; 

    Analysis Flow:

    1.  Epidermal skin analysis like color of depth, property of skins and all kinds of skin problems.
    2.  Deep skin analysis:
    A)  Wrinkle analysis: Property, density, depth and cleaning ways.
    B)  Speckles analysis: Analyze depth area, sizes, density accurately and how to dispel of speckles.
    C)  Diagnose skin conditions such as quantity and intensity of  pigment, pore,spot, wrinkle etc

    RGB: 8,800 lux
    Fluorescent tube lift: 12,000h
    Color Temperature: 7200K
    Video Output: NT
    CPU / Pentium: 1.8GHz
    Computer & Monitor: OS: Windows 7
    N.W. / G.W.: 5.8kg / 7.5kg
    Dimension: 42*35*49cm
    Max Resolutions: FS-1000W
    Hard Disk Space: 120GB
    RAM: 2GB
    Package: 47*47*54cm
    Camera: 1:1.7"CCD Digital Camera
    USB: 2.0
    Electrical Requirement: AC220V / (110V Switch able )
    Environment Temerature: 10~32 degree
    Order Details & Factory Recommendation:
    How a professional Skin Analyzer will help you a larger profit?
    --Diagnose Facial Problem such as: Spot,Pore,Pigmentation,Wrinkle,Acne etc.
    --Offer a set of diagnosis solution and medical suggestion treatment for poor skin improvement.
    --Helps to compare different skin conditions before and after care and treatment. 
    --Distinguish the quality of cosmetics, afford advices on suitable cosmetics based on skin conditions.

    The special logo is available, which will be free of charge if the quantity is more than 20unit on order.

    About the shipment, marine and express (Fedex, UPS, DHL and TNT) will be available:
    --Express: the fastest and safiest way, it will delivery from our factory to your door, time is usually on 5-7days. It is also the most expensive shipment, so it will be suitable for the sample order, or urgent order;
    --Marine, the lowest price shipment, it will take 20-40days delivery to the seaport, in this way, you need to handle the import declare by yourself. It will be competitive in the large order
    Product Photograph :

    Part Instruction

    Add Client Function

    Single click “Add” button to clear the info column, and then fill out the clients information, click “SAVE”,then you will see the right database of clients information, see steps:

    Easy Search Clients Method
    There are 4 kinds way for search:
    1)Client number  2)Client name  3)Tel.  4) By eyes
    Choose one way in the database, and fill out the name or number etc, then click “SEARCH”

    Easy Add Products, Easy Promotion on products and profit
    Click “ADD” to clear the column and then fill out the product name, effective, usage and cost, and then press “SAVE

    Simple Treatment Schedule Setting Suggestions
    3 pre-input suggestion treatments are in the software
    Case 1: The good skin (after analysis, system will generate a report with evaluation of our skin state by three level (good, normal, bad)
    Case 2: The normal skin , customer’s skin is normal, so treatment scheme which system generates from Case2)
    Case 3: The bad skin.(If customer’s skin is bad, then will generate scheme from Case3)

    Easy Adjust Analysis Area

    And left side picture will have green line circle with blue square you can adjust the green circle by blue square. If you want to move whole area, then click right and left together, then move to analysis area.

    Open-And-Shut Reports
    Analysis finished, Analysis Report will see the whole report including all the problems.

    Professional “Compare analysis” button, a convincing image before and after will make a clear consumption suggestion

    At Last We can show Treatment Schedule Convincing to Clients After Analyzer

    1. Registration
    2. Shooting
    3. Pre-view
    4. Precision Analysis
    5. Report
    6. Recommendation
    7. Test for the Quality of cosmetics
    8. Detect skin illnesses
    9. CE Certificate
    10. Support Multi-languages (English, Russian, spanish etc). Also can do language you want if there is big quantity.
    11. Printing the report as well as treatment scheme.

    Brand Advantages :
    Can you image what happen if your clients are very convincing on your beautician suggestion in your beauty salon? And now you can employ such a intellgent beautician to twice your business and profit.

    The most professional and advanced image analysis system, using RGB and UV spectral imaging technique that can detect spots, pores, wrinkles, pigmentation ultraviolet light or sunlight and other damage to the skin , the skin damage accurately presented in front of the patient.
    With this equipment, you can:
    1. Easily demonstrate actual skin condition and develop more targeted treatment programs.
    2. Quickly to show the improvements effects both before and after skin treatment, track treatment progress and outcomes effectively over time.

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