• LB-2008 Fashion Professional Cavitation Slimming

    Model:  LB-2008
    MOQ:  1 unit
    Trade Terms:  EXW
    Payment:  T/T WESTERN UNION
    Cavitation 40KHz

    $1585 $1585
    Product Parameter:
    LB-2008 Professional Cavitation beauty equipment

    Cavitation Head: 40 KHz

    Working Voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz / AC110V±10% 60Hz
    Rated power: 50W
    Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
    Humidity environment: ≯ 90%
    Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
    (Temperature <10 ℃ degrees Celsius / h)
    Humidity: 10% -90% (no dewiness)

    Working mode(MODE1, MODE2, MODE3 )
    MODE 1: Continuous wave, the most power full mode and 50Watts usually use this mode for best effect.

    MODE 2: Pulse wave, pulse interval: 50ms, middle power, depends on situation for choosing.
    MODE 3: The Continuous and pulse mode, will lowest can be 35watts.

    Order Details & Factory Recommendation:
    The special logo is available, which will be free of charge if the quantity is more than 20unit on order.

    About the shipment, marine and express (Fedex, UPS, DHL and TNT) will be available:
    --Express: the fastest and safiest way, it will delivery from our factory to your door, time is usually on 5-7days. It is also the most expensive shipment, so it will be suitable for the sample order, or urgent order;
    --Marine, the lowest price shipment, it will take 20-40days delivery to the seaport, in this way, you need to handle the import declare by yourself. It will be competitive in the large order

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    THIGH compare

    Operation by clinic

    Normally, adjust the energy to be 3—5
    Treatment: 30times per course of treatment
    Treatment Frequency: during first 3 days, client shall to do treatment each day;
    After then, client shall to do treatment every other day.
    Treatment duration: 30-40 minutes each time for the parts of body.
    Such as: treatment shall to do by half
    1. Arm: 15 minutes each, two arms for 30minutes
    2. Back: 15minutes half, total 30minutes.
    3. Waist and abdomen: 20minutes by half, total 40minutes;
    4. Thigh: 22minutes each thigh, and total 45minutes for two thighs
    5. Crus: 10minutes each crus and total 20minutes for two crus.

    Brand Advantages :
    Ultrasonic Cavitation, with the control of microcomputer and work in different waves to form an ultrasonic whirlpool that can smash the old fat block and activate the cell issues to accelerate the infiltration and absorption of nutrition. Enhanced the cell membrane permeability and accelerate the ion exchange of kalium and natrium, so that the dissolution in the cell, such as triglycerides and fatty acids reacted into CO2, H2O and ATP energy which can drain out with the urine, breath, and sweat etc. the fat cells decreased to be the slim effect.
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