• HK808-EH 1200W Two Handle VT and QT Diode Laser

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    Two Diode Laser Handle 1200W and 600W high power suction

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    Product Parameter:
    Have you suffer such issue that the therapist complain the Diode Laser equipment of bad effect? But the therapist is of high skilled. Maybe you need to pay attention to the laser power of the Diode Laser hair removal equipment.

    The stronger laser power will be more excellent hair removal, in the same time, more expensive.

    The HK808-EH is such a item, which of parameter following:
    --Imported emiter bars
    --Two handle, laser power on VT handle of 1200W, QT handle of 600W, VT handle more advanced with vacuum, which can help laser energy reach the skin more effective;
    --Energy density, 2~60J/CM2 at VT handle, and 3~80J/CM2 at QT handle
    --Pulse width: VT handle is 30~400ms, and QT handle is 20~200ms
    --Spot size: 22*35mm for VT handle, 12*12mm for QT handle
    --Frequency, VT handle is 1Hz, and QT handle is 1~10Hz
    --10" touch control LCD

    808nm wavelength laser make energy penetration deeply into skin and absorbed by the hair follicle effectively, which leads  thermal damage and realizes effective hair removal.

    Order Details & Factory Recommendation:
    The 808EH is suitable for the high class SPA for excellent hair removal experience, the quick and hundred-pencent treatment effect, because of its higher power, and stable tech guide from YEHENG, excellent emitter bars make a best beauty equipment for your special SPA.

    The special logo is available, which will be free of charge if the quantity is more than 20unit on order.

    About the shipment, marine and express (Fedex, UPS, DHL and TNT) will be available:
    --Express: the fastest and safiest way, it will delivery from our factory to your door, time is usually on 5-7days. It is also the most expensive shipment, so it will be suitable for the sample order, or urgent order;
    --Marine, the lowest price shipment, it will take 20-40days delivery to the seaport, in this way, you need to handle the import declare by yourself. It will be competitive in the large order

    Product Photograph :

    The overview of the machine

    The Operation Manual

    --The machine will check the status of water and warning
    --The suction is adjustable
    --The machine can modify the pulse number

    The handle details

    The Clinical Study

    You will get the excellent hair removal effect, effective, safe, high repulation, good brand

    --Quick and hundred-persent hair removal
    --Patent vacuum handle (VT), Max 22mm*35mm spot size, high-powered
    --Two handles with two changeable wavelengths.
    --Easy connected VT, QT handles for simple after sales service.
    --10.2 inch TFT touch LCD, easy control and master
    --Patented cooling systems ensures QT handle remains around 2 'C after 24 hours of continuous use.
    --Preset parameters provides a user-friendly interface.

    Brand Advantages :

    Diode laser technology is the gold standard in laser hair removal, the special design of vacuum will make skin close treatment tips, causing stretch and good energy touch. 

    This longer wavelength enables the light to penetrate deeper and theoretically safer than shorter wavelength lasers,  because it can avoid the melanin pigment in the skin's epidermis.The Diode laser's longer wavelength of light thereby penetrates into the hair follicle. This fact allows the Diode laser to be used on darker skin colors than the Ruby or Alexandrite.

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